Help with buying a generator

Hello all!!! I am in need of a generator. I dont have much to spend (under $1000). I was wondering if anyone knows of some of the less expensive quieter portable generators. If you know of any or even have one please give me some advice.

Gary B

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Help with buying a generator

Hi legofire, welcome to the forum, tell us more what you want to do with a generator, $1000 can get you a generator but it will not be very big, like around 1000 watts which will power a tv, charge the batteries, power a computer, provide power for lights in the rig, but it will not power a microwave, the air conditioner or even the toaster. Let us know what you are looking to do. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve:
Help with buying a generator


First of all, avoid construction-grade generators, as they are usually really loud. For quietness, check out the Honda line
Their 2000W is about $1100, and their 3000W almost $2K. I used to have a little Honda 1000W, and it worked great--very light, reliable, and quiet.

Yamaha makes some, too. See
It looks like their Premium line is louder than the Hondas, but their Inverter line quieter. I don't know about their prices.
Help with buying a generator

Hello all and thanks for the suggestions so far. I guess I need atleast a 4k to power my a/c and microwave.


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Help with buying a generator

yes, 4K should power the AC. Some people get by with 3K, but not everyone. I had to install an 'easy start' kit in my A/C to get it to work with my 3K Honda generator. Many people use 2 2K Hondas hooked together (small, light, clean power, quiet, but pricey).
Help with buying a generator

For $1,095.00 you can buy a KGE3500i Sinemaster inverter generator, with free shipping, see link below.
Help with buying a generator

Generator Outlet also has the kipor KGE3500Tc for $949 with free shipping.