i have a ford excursion and it pulls 13,000# with no problems. been all over with it just the gas mileage sux but that was expected. :laugh:

I had a customer come in yesterday and they just bought a fairly new explorer. They say it can pull 5,900lb. I would guess your 7,000lb is in the ball park. To be sure, call your or any Ford dealer and they can tell you your vehicle is designed for.


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Keep in mind that when a truck manufacturer tells you that their truck can pull 'X', they typically mean with no accessories installed on the truck, no cargo, no passengers, and a 150 lb driver...


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The way to know is to look in your truck. There should be a data plate near the driver's door, usually in the door frame (when door is open) that will list all of the weight limits. If it does not list the towing weight limit, the owner's manual will. Do not believe the advice of someone who is trying to sell you a trailer.
quote:They say it can pull 5,900lb. I would guess your 7,000lb is in the ball park.

That 1100# excess is nearly 20%. That would make for a pretty big ball park!

You need to read a little closer. You took what I said out of context in your "quote". I was compairing what a custumer told me about their EXPLORER to Rex's EXPEDITION. Totally different vehicles. THEN, I said call a Ford dealer to be sure. The data plate does NOT state towing ratings. It shows what the vehicle can carry, NOT TOW.
I am not selling anything. I do this at night, after hours, and try to give sound advise.