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Hi Everyone,

We are new to the RV world and have a dilema. We have been looking at FW for a while now and doing a lot of research and visiting forums. It is all so confussing sometimes. We have looked at a Holiday Rambler Savoy LX - 28 ft. and had been leaning towards that one, but we wanted to look at a Sunnybrook but cannot find a dealer here in Northern California. But we are going to look at a 2007 Cedar Creek Silverback and they also have a 2006 28TRW Excel RT they are both brand new?? A little leary of 2006 and why they still have it, price seems good. Anyone have any thoughts on any of these???? Really looking for help it is overwhelming and most dealers just don't seem to care, they don't return calls and if your not buying right this second they don't seem to be interested. We are looking to buy as soon as we find what we like and the price is good and dealer seems reputable. We are going to be using FW on weekends and a couple of weeks in the summer or early fall. There are just 2 of us and our dog Shasta. Thanks in advance for any advice or info, all will be appreciated.


DL Rupper

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All I can say is read the thread on Forest River Issues, General RVing, page 4 or 5. I would go for the Sunny Brook.

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Of the brands you listed I also like the Sunnybrook.

Lots of choices to make! Rear living, rear kitchen, bathroom/shower layout, one slide or two etc. Most RV people enjoy talking about the "sport". What do you have for a tow vehicle? Looks like you want to stay at about 28ft. That is a good size for the two of us. Fairly easy to tow and manuver. I think now that I would have liked a bedroom slide...perhaps when we upgrade. We like the rear living since we watch a lot of movies...the two recliners in the back are a little more comfortable.

I am sure you are going to really enjoy whatever you end up buying. The RV thing really is a lot of fun. We just started a couple of years ago and now it consumes all our free time! Wouldn't have it any other way!

Best of luck and Happy Camping!