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Wow! Tim that trailer has more refrigerator than room for people!

I don't know what it is, but it looks like the one 6 of us kids and Mom and Dad used to camp in! Except all we had was an icebox!

Was this used on a hunting lease or parked at a lake somewhere? :clown:

By the way, Tim & Peg, welcome to the forum!


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RE: help

Hi, and welcome to the Forum Tim & Peg :) :)
I can help with the name or type trailer you have. :(
I did see a license plate, could you get a copy of it registration; it should have the name and type of trailer it is. ;) ;)
What are planning too do with it? :question: :question:
From what I see, it is a nice little unit, but there will be a lot of work restoring it. :eek: :bleh: :disapprove: :approve:
Before you move it anywhere check the tires, they should have a date on them. :8ball: :8ball:
They may look good but if there are older then 7 years replace them. :dead: :dead: :dead:
Some say before they are 7 years old.
Good luck
:approve: :approve: :cool: :laugh: :) :) :clown: :shy:


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Re: help

Thanks for the welcome fellas. First let me say we don't plan to restore but, just make her a comfy place to hang out when we go to
car shows with our '59Chevy Apache.(we plan on a matching paint scheme someday) As for the plate, that was an old, expired plate from who knows what, just to get to my buddys place. I just replaced the old , worn out, huge magnet-brakes drop axle with a new 3500lb straight axle and new rims. The new tires (skinny white walls to match the truck) are in my shop waiting to be mounted. BTW that old NORGE fridge does take up alot of space but it is soooooo cool! It even still has the metal ice cube trays. Now I'm just hoping to get her registered so I can pull her legally.