Well got back from a stretch the legs on the rv trip..
Went to the Hermitage outside of Nashville...
If anyone goes ,, it is worth the trip ,, and cheap too...
They give u kinda like mp3 players and u walk around and punch in numbers at the sight u are at and it tells u all about it ,,, the house is a guided tour and the people are very informative ,, but do plan on walking a bit cause it's spread out ,, but u can pay a little extra ($2.00) and take the wagon tour...
I very much enjoyed it ,, and it was a great day ,, after that we cruized down to the Grand Ole Opry and cked out the rv parks there ,, alot of them and big too...
We are thinking of getting a spot down there this next weekend and taking the grand tour of Nashvillle ,, via sight seeing bus ,, pretty cheap in the off season ,, but i'm sure it's worth it ,, i was at Opryland when i was about 11 and then they had the big amusment park ,, but now it's all hotels and convention centers ,, oh well that's progress.... Just thought i'd throw this in :)

DL Rupper

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Re: Hermitage

Keep throwin them in. :) Makes it fun to know what everyone is doing, where they have been and where they are going..