High Voltage from my Generator

I have a 7.0kw Marquis Generator. It is putting out 146 volts. It fried all my electronics when I started it up for exercising. Anyone have any idea of what i need to do to fix my problem? :question:
Thanks for any help, Bill
High Voltage from my Generator

On My Onan, the govenor controls the voltage I have at the plug. Some squirrles made a nest on the genset and the speed was all goofy. I bought a voltage meter which plugs in to the outlet and always check the voltage on startup. I don't know if this is your prob but hope it helps in the future. Sorry about your electronics - Ouch!
High Voltage from my Generator

get the manual. there is a way on certain models that have automatic voltage regulators thats real simple to do. besides, having a manual is always a good idea. to get a manual youll need the model number, and the speck letter off the information tag. you can even order one on line from funroads.com :laugh:
High Voltage from my Generator

I have to apologize. I did a little checking and found that the Marquis generator has an Automatic Voltage Regulator and an Electronic Govenor Control, neither of which can be adjusted. There is a way to adjust your no-load voltage,
but you'll need to get a service manual or take it in for service. Once again I apoligize for any confusion.
The Boz
Re: High Voltage from my Generator

get a meter that will read freq and check the hz if the hz is 60 - 63 then you have a bad voltage regulator if the hz is above 63 thn you have a govenor problem or someone has turned up the idle set screw on the carb order a manual from onan or funroads.com
Re: High Voltage from my Generator

Most are covered by the generator speeds. Onan suggest in the unloaded condition the voltage should be 130 which is adjusted by the govener speed. Loaded up the voltage will drop off. as to the 60 cycles this is governed by the generator speed of either 1800 or 3600 rpm.

Nellis bell has a voltage meter mounted on the wall and a quick glance lets me know whats going on.