Hilo trailer info or experience

Where do I find the thread on Hilo trailers - the one that you push a button and it raises up. Any comments on this type of towable? Pros or cons? Thanks in advance for any information.



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Re: Hilo trailer info or experience

The ones I've seen don't go up by themselves. They needed to be lifted. No reason it could not be automated, of course, just makes it heavier, more expensive and more prone to break/wear out.

Pros, no worry about low bridges, much less wind resistance, easy to store.

Cons, limited cabinet space, and its all down low

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Re: Hilo trailer info or experience

the ones that I have looked at were raised by pushing a button.

Cons, have to raise and place things in order after top has raised, same to lower. Not a big problem, I'm just lazy :laugh: Expensive IMO, cables to break.

Pros, tow vehicle will get better gas milage and all John has said


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RE: Hilo trailer info or experience

We own a HiLo since July of this year. It's a 98 classic and a 31 footer. It is lowered and raised with a switch. The cable had just been replaced by the dealer (very expensive!). As for the storage all being low, there are lots of cabinets all around the top of the trailer! The closet is at waist level, as is the fridge. We get much better gas mileage. You need to pick up everything on the countertops before you lower the top. It seems to be more prone to get small insects between the two sections (no biggie, I'll spray). If there is water on the road, it splashes up and hits the underside of the top edge of the trailer (since that is only about 3 ft. off the road), and it tends to rust there, mostly on the traffic side. I'd say there are no neutral feelings when it comes to the HiLo--you either love or hate them--we love ours!!! I hope this helped you. ;) ;)


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RE: Hilo trailer info or experience

We purchased our 24 foot Hi-Lo in 1996 and love it. The top raises using hydraulics and takes less than 10 seconds. There is as much cabinet space as other 24 foot trailers both above and below counter level. As “MaryBlue” mentioned, you need to ensure that all items are off the counter tops before lowering the unit, but of course, I don’t know many people who would travel with ‘loose’ items on the counter top.

The towing is exceptional. I have towed this trailer with a GMC Suburban, Yukon and a ½ ton Pickup without any difficulties. With the height being only 5’ 10” (plus another 10” for the A/C unit), the wind resistance is minimal. Most times, you don’t even know you are pulling a trailer.

We keep our trailer in top notch condition but when it is time to purchase another, I am sure we will look at another Hi-Lo.

Good luck.