HiLo vs Trailmanor

[Jo] We&#039re thinking about purchasing a HiLo or Trailmanor and I wanted to get some opinions about either trailer. Also, if anyone has either one of these travel trailers - what type of vehicle do you recommend for towing? We were thinking about purchasing a leisure van to use as the towing vehicle.
HiLo vs Trailmanor

[Dean] I am partial to HI-LO. I&#039ve owned two of them and wouldn&#039t buy anything else. They are more expensive though. Like any other trailer, you have to match up the trailer weight to your tow vehicles towing capacity.
HiLo vs Trailmanor

[Mac] I have owned both. Started with a TrailManor 3225, and it was a good trailer. Easy to tow, set up. Does require continual light maintenance. Close to retirement, just recently got a Hi-Lo 2901L. This unit tows as well or better, but you do notice the extra weight in hills. We like the permanent bed and the larger bathroom, and easier to set up. Also, you are able to get inside when down. Makes it easier to get to refrigerator without raising roof. Tow with a Dodge 1/2 pickup with tow package and 5.9V8. More then enough power.
HiLo vs Trailmanor

[Dean] Mac, Does yours have the front kitchen or the mid kitchen with the counter and chairs. I have the 290 (the 2000 model 29 ft.)
Just got back from towing to the Ozark&#039s and it was great...
HiLo vs Trailmanor

[Mary] We have a 21 Ft Tow-Lite made by Hi-Lo. A lighter version of the Hi-Lo. Fast set up in any weather. I understand the Trailmanor can be a bit difficult to set up when raining, we just push a button and in 12 seconds it is up. Also can be done by one person if ever need be. We did alot of research before buying the tow vehicle and weighted the thought of a van but decided on a Chevy Tahoe. Love the Tahoe and the Tow-Lite. It is so easy to hook up to and tow. The Tahoe would easily pull a larger heavier trailer. We find the trailer has enough space for the two of us and what we don&#039t have storage for we can put in the back of the Tahoe. We are just about ready to take both on their first camping trip. We have the brake control installed and just had a sway bar installed, but feel we were in error not to get a weight distributing hitch, so we will be taking care of that soon I am sure.
HiLo vs Trailmanor

[Max] It has the mid kitchen with the large counter.The sofa is across the front with an additional table that folds flat against the wall. Have pulled ours on a 2200 mile trip. They do pull very well. Wind and trucks are no problem at all. Very pleased with the quality of the unit.
HiLo vs Trailmanor

[Dean] Our first HI-LO was a 22ft. Same floorplan as the towlite. It was easy to tow but still more stable than tent camping, which we did for 9 years. Bought a 29 ft last year for the back bedroom.
Still the same good quality. A little slower on the hills.
HiLo vs Trailmanor

[Gary] We bought a 19 ft Towlite and pull it with Dodge Ram 1500. We like it because it is so easy to set up and lower, also with our set up the fridge is straight in the door so we can load it and get things out on a trip without raising it up.