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For better or worse, we are buying a fifth wheel despite the fact we have no truck to tow it with. It is a used trailer, and the dealer is going to tow it to our seasonal site.

We don't know when we will be making our next move--but the idea is to hire someone to tow us to the next place. We realize this will be expensive and just hope when the time comes we can find someone to tow us.

Anyone out there in the same situation as us---not having a vehicle to tow with? And if so, what is your experience with hiring someone to tow.


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Re: Hiring tow vehicle

In many snowbird and long term residence parks that really isn't all that unusual. We have friends who bought a fifth wheel to live in and did so for about six or seven years, never owning a truck to tow it with. They had been fulltime and when they retired their motorhome the moved into a trailer that they purchased from someone in the same park where they had been wintering for several years. The park owner moved the trailer from where it was to the space where our friends has an annual lease. When they left that area they sold the trailer where it sat. I have known of several other cases like that.

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Re: Hiring tow vehicle

We sell a lot of trailers with their owners not able to tow them. We have set them on lake front lots and on the sides of mountains.