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Hi everyone, my name is Greg. My brother is currently in the U.S. Army and is scheduled to get out in a few months. He has found a 73 Aristocrat camper to live in when he gets out, until he can have a house built. Problem is, the owner has no title to it. I've located to camper number. What I need to know is how can I do a history search on this camper before he buys it. Hate for it to be stolen or something. He would need a title before he could insure it.


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Re: history of camper

I suggest that you contact the state vehicle registration folks where it is and ask them that question. And while you are there, see what he will need to do to get it into his name. This could be a bargain that isn't one.


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Re: history of camper

Yes, as the MVD of the appropriate state. I got a replacement title many years ago by doing a title search and taking out a title bond (insurance policy in case there is ever a claim against the new title). Then could get the new title.