Hitch Adjustment


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Does anyone know of a web site or have info on adjusting a weight distributing hitch? I can get the trailer level but my SUV still site real low in rear.
Hitch Adjustment

I would recommend calling the manufacturers customer service. I had a weight distributing hitch on my Holiday Rambler TT and when I hooked it to my Suburban the front went skyward. When I purchased the Drawtight distributing hitch the instructions said to add washers to the tension bolt located under ball assembly until it was tilted so that sufficient tension was placed on the chains and tension bars. The book said that after measuring the front bumper to the level ground and then the back bumper to level ground there should be no more than 3/4 inch difference than when the trailer wasn't hitched to it. I could get it within 1 1/4 inch but not 3/4 inch. I called Drawtight and they were amazed I got it that close.

So I think your best bet is to contact the manufacturer customer service.