Hitch wiring for Conversion Van

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I am leaning towards a Hidden Hitch ClassIII for 95 GMC van. Most dealers/installers say they need to go thru interior of van(remove conversion material) to access wires for hitch. One says he can go thru rear light assembly. I would prefer not to disassemble conversion interior as they never fit right afterwards.
Any experiences or recommendations? Need advice! Thanks!
Hitch wiring for Conversion Van

[Scott Milton] I have a 1995 GMC Conversion van by Glaval. I did NOT have to take apart my interior. I did all my wiring myself. I had 3 wires that I had to run thru the firewall. They went thru a pre-exisiting hole. I sealed the hole with the back sticky stuff used on air conditioners. Silicon could also be used. I went and bought a heavy 4 conductor wire and ran it to the rear. There is PLEANTY of room to route the wiring so that it is not near anything moving or hot. I also ran a heavy, fused wire from my battery to the matching connector on the trailer. Now, when driving down the road my van also charges up the trailer too. I installed a Jordan brake controller, and the instructions were very straight-foward. This was my first attempt at this. The only thing I didn&#039t do, because I didn&#039t have a heavy enough drill was to mount the connector directly into the bumper, instead of below the bumper with a bracket.
Hitch wiring for Conversion Van

[Vern M.] I agree with Scott. We have a &#039 94 Vandura Tiara conversion. The wiring is all underneath other than the brake control wires which had to come in and can through an existing spot.

Be sure your "hot" lead from the battery and from the brake controller are Number 12 or, better, a pair of Number 12s, to insure enough current reaches both the brakes for stopping and the battery for charging.

Another plus with that battery charging deal, Scott, is that, without an isolator, the trailer power controller is charging the van battery too when hooked up while parked. Keeps from having a dead tow vehicle battery come moving time.

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Vern M.
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Hitch wiring for Conversion Van

[Barney] If you don&#039t require trailer brake wiring only lights, it is very simple to wire them up by going through the tail lights perhaps as the one dealer recomended and I believe there is a plug made now where by you can just plug into the wiring under the van. I wired my 92 Vandura Star Craft conversion van via the tail lights for lights only. Obviously trailer brakes need heavy duty wiring which can be routed under the unit with no problem from the engine area.
Hitch wiring for Conversion Van

[Ceg] Had a 97 Chevy Express Conversion Van. there was a connector for the conventional tail, stop, and turn signals located behind the right rear tail light. Other wiring for battery and brake had to be installed.