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Hi all,

Me again. My wife and I are close to getting our RV package together. My question is - in your professional opinion, what weight distribution, sway control setup is the best? Draw tite? Equalizer? Others?

We have an f250 SD TD and a Coachmen 29' TT.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Ed H.

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I have a Drawtite distributing hitch that I use on my work trailer and it does a good job, but no sway control. When we got the travel trailer, I wanted system that was easy to hook up and had inherant sway control.
They all work and have their strong points. I looked for a reasonable price and the least number of parts to deal with when hitching up.
The Equal-I-Zer seemed like the least expensive and simplest of the weight distributing and sway controlling systems. It is easy to use and really does the job. We have a 23 foot Wilderness that we used to tow with a Toyota 4Runner. I know we were pushing the limits of the Toyota, but the Equal-I-Zer made it handle nicely. We now have a Chevy pickup and hardly notice the trailer back there.
Look closely at how each unit goes together and ask yourself if you can make heads or tails of it. The one you understand the best is likely the one you want.


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The first setup I would check out would be the 'PullRite'. This system claims to overcome the disadvantages of the standard hitch and gives a tow which is supposed to approach that of a 5th wheel. I'm pretty sure it eliminates the need for sway control, but don't know if it provides any weight distribution function.


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Hi Dasutton,
Reese and Drawtite are the same company. Either one of their WD hitches will work well for you. Get the HP "Strait Line" hitch which combines the Dual Cam sway control with the weight distribution function. Another good performing and well known hitch is the Equal-i-zer hitch which also combines WD with sway control.

With the truck you have and a 29 foot trailer, you will probably not need a Pullrite or Hensley. Both of these are the top of the line hitches which eliminate any sway whatsoever but they are quite costly (around $3000)unless purchased used. The Reese with the Dual Cam or Equal-i-zer will most likely work well for a lot less money.
See all the types of hitches at the following URL.
http://www.disneycampers.com/RV/Hitch Guide.htm
Good luck. :)