Hitting wind through mountains


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Hi. My family and I have for several years now driven east 10 from San Diego, and coming through windy mountains in a minivan is pretty scary. This will be our first year doing it in an Rv, and neither me, nor my husband are looking forward to it. Has anyone out there ever driven this route, and know when the best time of day (for less wind)would be to make an attempt? Or, can anyone offer advice on driving safetly through windy mountains? Thanks


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Hitting wind through mountains

Welcome to the forum. I don't want to sound funny but the best way to avoid wind is to stay home. LOL
Someone on this forum will be able to offer you some advice. Lots of good people on here. I never been in that part of the country. Good Luck and Happy RVing.


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Hitting wind through mountains

Hello, momtomygirls! Tell us what kind of RV you guys will be driving. An RV is going to be a lot heavier than a "minivan", so it will not move as easily in the wind.

I once went through west Texas, in the Panhandle, driving across 40 - 50 mph winds. Gusty, too. That wasn't any fun, but I didn't feel that we were in any danger. You just have to be ready all the time, and drive your vehicle.


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Hitting wind through mountains

Morning, as early as possible offers the best opportunity to avoid winds.

As a matter of safety though, if you are not comfortable in the conditions you find yourself, bail out and wait out the conditions. The longer you press through tough conditions the worse will be your judgement and ability to cope and the more likely you are to make a mistake that could be catostrophic.

Plan well ahead, and leave plenty of time for all you wish to do.

Good Luck. :)


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RE: Hitting wind through mountains


The mountain winds and desert winds are awfully ! Best time for the winds to settle down is once the sun goes down. We have driven the mountains and desert many times over the years (35) and have had to stop on the side of the road until dark. I don't know why this happens but it just does. Good luck and be safe.