holding tank sensors


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anyone got tips on getting the sensors working again?....just bought a georgie boy and the holding tank , gray and black water, aren't working properly...someone suggested a bag of ice in the black water tank to slosh around while driving.....it may have helped somewhat, as the full and 2/3 light went out, but still showing the one third light when empty and with grey water tank, all sensor lights are on when empty.....are they difficult to replace?? expensive?? any ideas??


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holding tank sensors

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Mine sensors work sometimes and sometimes they don't. I seem to get the best cleaning of them when I use the hose connector (long head tube with hole at end facing 90 degrees from tube so you can turn it while spraying water down deep in the toliet). I also use some special stuff (can't remember the name, but will post it when I do) that works pretty good when you let it sit in the tank overnight. Also, you might try to hose directly towards the sensors from the drain valves (wear rubber gloves, etc.). Don't forget to use the right toilet paper for your black tank. Regular RV paper or Scott's singles seem to work for me.
Really, the bottom line is they work great when they are new, but after a few tank fulls, you really can't depend on them. I certainly would not spend the bucks to replace them. Just figure out your personal usage and dump accordingly and not worry about it.
Good luck :)