honda pilot wiring


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honda pilot wiring

While I have not wired a Pilot, since no-one has answered, I will as I have wired many other vehicles.

To connect the motorhome lights to any towed vehicle you need pretty much the same things. There must be blocking diodes in the circuit to each light to prevent the backfeeding of the motorhome power into the electronics of the Pilot and to prevent the lighting of both Pilot brake lights from either turn signal or the brake. The best answer if you choose to do this is to buy a kit that is made for the purpose and then follow the directions that come with it. Even though I spent 40 years making a living fixing electro-mechanical things, I still use a kit rather than to make up my own from the parts.

To me, the preferred method is to install a new, seperate tail light and socket into each tail light assembly. That can be done by drilling a hole in the back of the assembly, after you remove it, install a new lamp socket and combination brake/tail lamp and then run seperate wires from the front of the toad to the tail light assemblies. The parts needed for this are also available as a kit and doing it this way avoids any issue of warranty if the vehicle is new and also prevents the failure of the diodes from becoming an issue.

Of course there is also the option of using magnetic light kits as well.