hot water heater/furnace problem


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HI all, newbi

I bought a brand new Gas water heater (Suburban SW6P) for my 1971 21' holiday rambler. I put the new one in with no problem. Lighted the baby up, it ran for awhile than went out. I did this a few more times and it did the same thing. Basically what's happening is, the burner sound's loud, like it should, then the noise level will go down, like it's not getting enough gas, then cut's out again. I brought my trailer in to where I bought the hot water heater. Of course when I had it there, the darn thing ran fine. They did hear it change pressure has it was running. They suggested I get a new regulator for the front of the trailer. The next weekend we went camping and it ran fine until the last day. O by the way, my furnace seems to be acting up also, pilot light not staying on after furnace go's out. So, when I got back I went and bought a new regulator for the camper, put it on, same dang thing happen. Can anyone else tell me what to check next?


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Re: hot water heater/furnace problem

Ya don't by chance have a pinched LP line somewhere on the ole 71, maybe underneath or a leakin one maybe?? Just a thought. If the LP tank is full, you installed a new regulator and you have a brand new hotwater tank seems like the LP is the issue. Is the new water heater a LP and 110??


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Re: hot water heater/furnace problem

It sure sounds like a propane pressure problem and my first thought was also the regulator. But if the regulator has been replaced, I think you should have the gas pressure checked. It should be 11" of water column measured at the inlet to each appliance when the appliances are in use. I would connect the test at the water heater and then fire up the furnace, then do the same but this time light the water heater.