Hot Water Heater Problem


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We have a 6 gallon Atwood gas water heater with a White Rogers Control installed in our TT. On a recent trip I noticed the water was excessively hot, in checking the temperature selector valve it was in the mid point position, I turned it to the lowest position and checked it a few days later and the water was still very hot.

I turned the unit off and let it set for a few days and this morning I went out to fire it up and noticed with the Temperature Selector Lever set at the coolest position it would fire up as it should but by sliding the selector lever to the hotter temperture side the unit would shut off. Seems that if the selector was moved to the hotter side that the unit would run until the temperature of the water was hotter.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hot Water Heater Problem

Sounds like a thermostat to me. I have an Atwood and it is preset at the factory for the thermostat and it is really hot when it is heated up (I think around 160 degrees). Mine does not have the selector switch for temp. Might be your White Rogers Control is going or is bad. Does it go on and off like it is suppose to do (cycle)? Sorry I could not help more.