hot water heater


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I am having problems lighting my hot water heater. My camper has an Attwood water heater. When I try to light the heater, it will light for about 5 seconds and then go back out. Has anyone had this problem before. What needs to be replaced.


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Re: hot water heater

Check the ECO and Thermostat. They cost around 20.00 to 30.00 bucks for the pair. RV store. Easy to put in the new ones. They look like a quarter with a wire connector on one side and smooth on the other side (goes against the tank). Especially the ECO, will cause tank to not operate properly. Make sure you put them in the right hole to tank (they are marked with yellow dot for one of them, but can't remember which one is what). Make sure your gas is on and no leaks. Make sure your LP Leak detector is on and working properly. Lastly, make sure your tubing to ignitor is not full of bugs, spiders, etc. Good luck ;)


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Re: hot water heater

Actually it sounds like the circuit board is not sensing that the flame is lit. Two posible reasons: 1. electrodes need adjusting or replacing 2. circuit board is bad and needs replacing. If you want to, you can remove the circuit board and take it into a reputable repair facility and have it tested. Takes only a few minutes to test it 3-4 times and make sure its good or bad.