how big is too big going full time with a tow car?

sue hobart

New Member
We are looking for out first class c. Going full time next winter. We know a few things we want but are a bit at odds about how big to go. I say 22 to 24 feet and an outdoor awning with a screen room, tv ect....... He thinks bigger is better. We have 2 older border collies also. I'm never inside but hes more of a barcalounger type.
What do you think???? Experience is everything!!!!

All advise is good advise !

C Nash

Senior Member
All depends on you LOL. I know that's a lot of help. Some camp sites are small and off the beaten path, so a lot depends on your style of camping. Budget may require some boon-docking and then a generator helps. Storage is a problem for full-timing so you need more. Check carrying caps. Will you have a toad ? I would not be w/o. Slides come in handy especially rainy days. I have seen full-timers in tents to 45 ft rvs. Have u camped before? Make sure it's a lifestyle for you.