How big of a truck?

We bought a 18 foot travel trailer(approx. 2000 lbs). We have a 91 ford light duty pick-up that seems a little under powered(5.0 V8). What would some of you old timers suggest to pull this with?
How big of a truck?

Oldtimer???? Hmmmmmm.... ?? Have used 1/2 ton PU to pull heavier loads, but I am not sure if you mean one of the smaller trucks or not. That might be a no-no. i.e. trying to get that thing stopped. More info??


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How big of a truck?

:) Ok I know this isen't the answer you were looking for but more in the line of advise..The biggest(payload) most powerful one you can afford! Ok now to explain myself, I have seen a trend you have a truck so you buy a trailer, the truck seems under powered or the trailer is near the trucks max load capacity, so you go buy a new truck to pull this current trailer, your tow package is just great,then in a few years you see a different trailer That really fits the bill so you buy it, but now your truck seems a little under powered to pull this new trailer so you go truck shopping...again or maybe you have decided to trade that tt for a 5th wheel and find out about tongue weight/axle weight limits. :eek: :laugh: Now I don't know you so I don't know if this applies to you, but I have seen this senero played out several times I hope in someway this helps :)

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How big of a truck?

Hi Dave888, your trucks just fine, you have to get use to towing, a 5.0 is plenty of engine for a 2000 lb. trailer, I use to tow a 24.5' Jayco with a Ford 150 with a 300 inline 6 and had no problems, didn't set and speed records but had no problems. No matter what you have it will handle completely different with a trailer hooked to it. After a few trips it will seem just fine. Enjoy. :) :cool: :approve:
How big of a truck?

Thanks for all the replies. Sorry,I meant no disrespect when I said "oldtimers",hell I'm an oldtimer myself. but not when hauling a trailer.
Maybe I'll just get a transmission cooler installed on this old F-150 and go.
Thanks again!