How Do I Cure the Very Rough Ride

I have a Class A Fleetwood, Fiesta, MY26 (27') that rides extremely rough and even rougher on some California freeways. Is there any economical way to create a smoother ride? The coach is built on a Workhorse (Chevy) chassis.

C Nash

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How Do I Cure the Very Rough Ride

I would weigh the coach and do as turnip42 suggested and adjust the tire pressure to weight carried. What are you compairing the ride to? Remember it is a truck and will ride like one. Some swear by the Bilstine shocks if the wh does not have them. Have heard thd WH will replace them if it was one that did not come with the Bilstine. If the interstates there are as rough as some here there is nothing you can do :( Air ride system would help but, would not be economical.
How Do I Cure the Very Rough Ride

When you say ride rough, do you mean when you hit a spot in the roud you feel a sharp jolt or is it the rocking motion you are talking about.

Its like Turnip and Chelse said the weight and jolts will definitly come from the tire pressures and the rocking motion comes from the shocks.

On the tire pressure, you have to be kind of careful adjusting it for the weight. If you under inflate for the weight the tires will run hot and wear out pretty quick. Sometimes they will run hot enough to go poof at the wrong time and place.
How Do I Cure the Very Rough Ride

Thank you folks for responding. I agree with tire pressure, but I currently have pressure set at mfgr's specs. I haven't weighed it, but will do that. Shocks are Bilstein with air bags in the front. I appreciate the responses with the advise! Any other suggestions would be most appreciated, but I think the 3 covered the question.

PS: The RV has only 5400 miles on it, so nothing should need replaced....maybe upgraded!
How Do I Cure the Very Rough Ride

Are you carrying to much weight ? Maybe you have more gear on board than you think you do and your RV is over weight.
How Do I Cure the Very Rough Ride

Maybe not enough weight..most 3/4 and 1 ton PU's ride better with some load on the suspension. If your fresh water tank isn't full, fill it up. Overinflation is almost certainly not the case. If it is vibrating or bumping all the time it could be a tire problem, balance or maybe a bad belt. Imbalance typically doesn't cause a problem until you are running upwards of 35-40 mph, usually higher.