How do I stay under RAWR in Dynamax REV 24RB?

Mark in FL

Junior Member
My Ram Promaster based Class C has a door sticker that says not to exceed 9350 lb GVWR. Dynamax also placed a sticker with Dry Weight 8024 lb, Cargo Capacity 1108 lb. The dealer filled gas, propane, and water when I bought it. I went to DOT scale Front Axle 3540 lb + Rear Axle 5220 lb = 8760 lb which is less than 9350 lb GVWR. My problem is my wet weight with no cargo is only 60 lb less than 5291 lb RAWR. How can I possibly carry 5 - 150 lb passengers unless they all sit on the front axle? They may be able to sit in the 4 belted seats in the back if I dump all water, propane, and gas before driving?