How is this called?


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Hi again from Germany, I am searching for the Name of this ?Valve?

I Have a Diesel Pusher, Spartan with Cummins 5,9l, Engine Serial Number 45286247. It is a kind of Pressure Valve for ma Air suply. Ther are two lines, one Air in, one air out, somehow the air out line does not shut of, so I do not get pressure in my Tanks.

I have uploaded 2 Pictures of what I need

I hope I am allowed to put in the Link, If I am not - @Admin please erase if is not allowed.

Thx again for youre help



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Re: How is this called?

Sorry, forgot:

The second picture shows the inside of the ?AirpressureValve?

Beside the name would be helpful how to order one of these???