How much and what to pack?


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Hi all, with all the info I keep reading about how much storage each Class B has, I wonder about a few things.
First, how much does one pack clothing wise? Lets assume its for a minimum of a week.
Second, in 'suitcase capacity" how much clothing does a Class B like RT or PleasureWay carry? My wife and I need a BIG suitcase if we go away for a week or so.
Third, we plan to travel during winter months, since most of us ski. Do any Class B's have the ability to have all the liquid facilities functional? If not, is there a way to fix that? (Like a heat strip?)


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How much and what to pack?

Most of the floor plans I have seen have a small (less than 2') wardrobe for hanging clothes, and perhaps a few drawers or small cabinets for underwear and the like. Of course, you can steal space from the other functions like food (pantry) and kitchen supplies.

The best cold weather setup is having the tanks in enclosed, heated, basements, but I doubt that is available on a class B. Tank heaters/heat strips can do the job, but you have to be sure to cover the tanks and all piping, so it can get extensive.

Some people have suggested pouring an antifreeze down into the gray and black water tanks, which could help out. I'm leary about that, as it could affect the biological action of whatever you use in your tank, and more importantly, could affect any septic tank you happen to dump into.