how often do you go out

we are ready to buy a TT.we are not rich, we are not retired. we don't have a lot of free time, but we want to show the kids how great camping is. are we crazy to spend $15,000+ in order to do this??DW has serious doubts, I need to see if this can be justified.

Gary B

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how often do you go out

Hi benmax, how about a used rig for say $5000.00, the depreication on a new unit is big, ($2500.00 as you drive off the sales lot)then if you and the family really like it move up to newer/bigger rv. Welcome to the forum and good luck in the search. :)


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how often do you go out


I agree with Gary. No need to buy new just look around and on line to see how pricing goes for used stuff. You may also want to rent if you only plan on a few trips a year.

I've got $1,500.00 and some labor into an older TT and it works out great for +/- 12 trips a year.

What type of truck are you going to be pulling the TT with? This may be a concern also.

Let us know what DW decides. ;)


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how often do you go out

You are far from crazy in fact you sound alot like myself and my husband. We just bought a 2004 TT 35 feet--we are FAR from rich, in our early 30's with very limited free time. We have 2 kids 9 and 5. Roughing it to me is NO-Way, but my husband always was saying how much fun he had camping growing up etc. and he wanted the kids to experience it so I agreed to go camping with all the luxuries of home!! Well I love it!! Never camped my whole life growing up but it is so much fun. We probably will only have enough time to go 4-5 times in the summer for about 4 nights each but it is well worth it. The kids love going anywhere even if it is only an hour from home. The activities they can do, and the different places they can visit they absolutely love. The biggest thing they love is absolutely no phone calls or nothing to call dad away!! They have his undivided attention (at home he works almost all the time). I wouldn't trade it for anything. Definitely worth the camper payment!!! You'd be surprised what you can get for your money. We bought ours when they were having a big sale and I think we did good. Plus most places will let you finance up to 12 years if you need to so you can keep your payments low if you need to.

Go for it and have fun!!
how often do you go out

When our children were small (as in very small) we decided to start camping because we could not afford a vacation any other way. We started with a borrowed tent, then rented tent trailers, bought a (very) used tent trailer, a new tent trailer, a 19' TT (kids now gone) and now our 5er which will help us see our beautiful country after retirement this fall. Our first tent trailer was bought for $300 (approx.) so you don't need to put out a lot of money to have fun. And have fun we did. The kids (now adults) still like to talk about some of our trips. I say go for it and enjoy one of the greatest adventures you can have with you children.

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how often do you go out

I doubt if you could ever justify the cost we spend on rvs if you just look at the cost and payments. If we had all the money we have spent on campers, camping i guess we would be rich but how can you put a price on family times together. kids are grown and gone now (well most of the time :) )and we would not trade the memories for any amount of money and have NEVER regreted what has been spent. :approve: Oh, and we are still spending on rvs and camping with the g/kids :laugh:
how often do you go out

We, too, just bought a TT (25'). Last summer we traveled the Southwest tent camping. That was the very first time I had EVER been in a tent. We enjoyed the solitude so much. We are both teachers and really needed the quiet time to recharge our batteries. It so happened that we ran into a little foul weather in our tent and began talking about a TT. Went just to "look" and drove off with a TT. We go many weekends close to home (about 20 minutes) but it is like being far away. Being teachers, we can spend a month on the road in June. It is not that expensive and you get to enjoy the beauty of this great country firsthand. I get butterflies in my stomach every time I open that TT door and smell the inside. Got a 2-nighter planned next weekend and I feel like a kid waiting for Santa.
So....go....enjoy....make memories....keep scrapbooks.
Sherrie :kiss:
how often do you go out

Thanks for your reply. Your answer made our decision easier. We will be taking delivery of our new Trailmanor 2619 next week. Can't wait to go out out with the kids.