How to be accepted in the south

John Harrelson

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You hear so much about "Power Lunches" where supposedly multi-million dollar deals are made, but down south we have another way of making big deals.

It's called "Hunkering" ....

In the deep south there are more country stores than skeeters. There seems to be one at every road intersection in the state, regardless of whether it's paved, graveled, or just plain dirt.

Just about all these stores have a full length covered porch across the front where the soda pop machine is and just about everybody over the age of 10 years old comes to one of these stores sooner or later.

While some of the more well-to-do stores have chairs or benches to sit on, most of them don't, so if you want to have a conversation with someone, you just "Hunker Down" against the wall or the porch post and do your talking.

In fact it's considered down right rude to stand up and discuss anything important, like the price of tobaccy, corn or the way the guvment is treating the poor farmers.

About the only way for a stranger to get accepted by the locals is to grab a "drink" and hunker down with them..

In the true deep south, anything that's not milk or alcoholic is called a drink, like Coke, Pepsi, RC, Yahoo, Orange Crush, etc....

So if you are planning a trip to the south,, remember to "Hunker Down" at the campground store of local country store..

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