How to Fix Rv roof leaks

C Nash

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Where is it leaking? What type roof do you have , rubber, aluminum or fiberglass Need more info?

Emma Brian

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Liquid Rubber Roof Coatings by EPDMCoatings is the DIY solution of RV roof leaks problem. You can get more information by visiting liquidrubberroofing blog. Thanks


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All RV roofs will leak at some point. You should check the roof at least once a year. Fix any leaks immediately because they can cause A LOT of damage. In my opinion the Best solution is to use Eternabond tape. It lasts forever and is easy to apply. Make sure to get the wide version (5 or 6 inches wide). You simply clean
the application area with a cleaner and then apply the tape over whatever is leaking. This is a permanent fix. This is the only stuff I use and I've never had a leak reoccur after using the tape. You can get it on Amazon. It's also a good idea to keep a detailed vehicle maintenance log for all the maintenance and repairs you make on your RV so you know whats been done and when. I use Automotive Wolf car maintenance software to manage the maintenance on all my vehicles including my boat and even the generator. Its easy to use and sends reminders when anything is due to be checked or replaced.