How to remove labels?


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How do you remove from gel coat the sticky goo which is left after removing labels without damaging the gel coat?

Gary B

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How to remove labels?

Hi Dorothy, as Dennis posted WD-40 or Goo gone and for very stubborn stuff you can use acetone (finger nail polish remover). I'd try WD-40 or Goo gone first.
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How to remove labels?

Hi Dorothy,
I swear by GooGone. If you have a really tough "sticky", try GooGone and use a plastic net scrubber to help remove gunk (gently). I've also had luck with plain cooking oil to remove labels.
You can find GooGone almost anywhere, including grocery stores. K-Mart, WalMart guaranteed to have it as would hardwares.
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How to remove labels?

Better than anything and clean. Use your hair dryer. Just heat it dont burn it and peal it off. Good luck


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RE: How to remove labels?

Hi there,

A while back i found this british labels company, i ordered some plain labels from them as their prices were so low. Just thought it may interest you to know that they also had a page on their website with tips for removing sticky labels so it may be worth taking a look.