How to tow a VW ?


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We are looking toward the future...after my dear little Honda has had enough! DH has a 2005 VW station wagon and the VW dealer says this car CANNOT be towed all 4 down.

I'm thinking maybe we should look at a trailer...this way we will have some extra storage space in addition to being able to tow the car.

DH says we should go with a dolly: cheaper, easier to maneuver.

Everything I've ever heard about dolly's is that they are a pain in the butt. :angry:

Please help!!! What are our options???



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Re: How to tow a VW ?

I used a dolly for five years towing a Honda Accord and never had any problems, except where to put it when we arrived. Normally it fit right under the rear of the motorhome (the tongue underneath). No one ever complained about it. You CANNOT BACK them up, so don't even try. JMO


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RE: How to tow a VW ?

I though a 2005 VW can be towed all wheels down, as far as i know it has an transmission cooler setting, i think all you need is the wiring hook-up that would require a diode pack that can be purchased, after installing the towbar & skid plate. I would recheck that.
if not it can be added.
The only good thing iv found about a dolly is the demand for them, so after your sick of dealing with it you wont have a problem re-selling it.