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Hi all, newbie here and to motorhomes for the most part.
I just bought a 85 Winnebago Chieftain 31 footer and have been working the bugs out of it in prep. for a winter trip south from MN.
When I plug into electric the transformer or what ever ya call it hums pretty loud, is that normal or is there something I can do to quiet it up?
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Thanks, it`s set into the wall and on the floor.
Is it normal for them to buzz or is that an indicator that it`s failing.


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When they are charging or working they do make a humming sound, as to loudness depends on how good your hearing is.

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Ok thanks must be normal.
Now to a fixin that toilet seal that won`t hold water, and i did clean out the groove. :laugh:
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Up date, I didn`t clean the groove good enough :blush: after removing toilet i could see more paper packed in the groove.
Got it out and now it holds water :)


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well we all know that was a ***** job,, sure glad you got it done, well done. Now we will call u a lead tech. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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Thanks for the help and the welcome.
Some of the things i`ve done so far, carrier bearing on drive shaft, clutch fan, spark- plugs, new refridge, a smaller one so we had to build the whole frame work to fit it in where the other fridge were. Flushed rad and new thermostat, new gears in antena, sealed roof and all other needed areas. I think it`s about road ready, the unit only has 55,000 miles on it and looked like new inside

C Nash

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Weeee we got us another pro aboard. Welcome Lenn. :) Sure sounds like you've been busy. :eek: The converters on older models did tend to make a lot of noise and a newer one might be quieter. Winnebagos just seem to keep on ticking and sounds as though you are getting her in good shape. Keep us posted


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I agree with Nash ,, glad u did it u'r self ,, now i may not have to post advice anymore ,, as Hollis has already promoted u ,, :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: ,, no all kidding aside ,, believe it or not ,, that is how i got into it ,, u tear it apart ,, and see what makes it tick ,, but allittle mechanical background helps ,, i went to school for 10 months ,, to become a diesel tech ,, and transport refridgeration tech ,, well got out school ,, and worked for KW for about a yr ,, and then other shops ,, but the heavy equip side is kinda seasonal ,, so i learned automobiles ,, on my own ,, no schooling ,, and i guess that is where i got to wher i am now ,, the rv's are actually alot easier to work on ,, and really not much diff than cars ,, ,, sorry for the long post ,, got caried away ,, but agian glad u got u'r probs fixed :approve: :approve: :approve:
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Thanks for the kind words :)
These 454`s run on the hot side or that is what most believe. I`m not so sure as I think putting the water temp sensor between two exhaust ports gives a false reading. A buddy had one of those heat guns so i borrowed it and after driving 30 miles home i pulled the dog house off and took a few readings. The hottest reading i got was on the hose right above the thermostat and it only read 191.
I installed a good temp gauge so i could see actually what was going on and it read 230 so i`m thinking the actual water temp in the engine isn`t that hot.
My engine varies between 210 and 230 now running down the road, the fan clutch kicks in and out bringing the temp down like it should.
Actually when i looked at my truck gauge it runs around 210 and the over heated point is at 260.
So i think i`m ok with the temp issue for the moment.
It also has a leaky exhaust gasket which i`ve heard is common on the 454 and i`m going to leave that for now and see how the trip goes, if she`s running good when we get home i`ll by some ceramic headers and put a whole new exhaust on it next year.
My mechanical background is only four years of being a crew chief on F-4`s in the service, couple years of auto tech school and a lot of years of do it myself work. I also weld, fabricate hot air engines and steam and have a saw mill. I`m kinda a do it your self type of guy. Been married 28 years and live on 40 acres in north central MN.
Whoops almost forgot, and I ve been riding motorcycles most my life and the wife is a horse nut. :)
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Sorry to say that my visit here will be short as i`ll be having my phone and computer service shut off in about 2-3 weeks.
We will be heading south for a long trip i hope and miss some or all of this winter.
I took the RV for about a 100 mile test drive today and it runs from 210-230 as I said, the clutch fan kicks in and keeps it under control as it should I believe.
Has anyone here checked with any Winny dealers about what normal temperature is for a 454 ?
Also so I don`t have to go look does anyone know if there`s a place to put the temp. sensor on the intake manifold, just wondering if there was how much difference in readings from the side of the head there would be.
Also I was thinking about buying a spare water pump and alternator to take along, do ya all think that`s a good idea ?
Thanks :)


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The temp is right where it should be. One thing you mentioned that concerns me is the exhaust gasket. I used to drive one with a 454 (put 112,000 miles on it) and went through those donuts quit often. It may just be ticking a little now...but you have a 2500 mile round trip coming up and I have had to replace in the middle of a trip...not fun.
Living in FL now but originally from SE MN
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Thanks on the temp info, that` my biggest concern. The exhast leak is a manifold to head gasket not the donut in the pipe where it hooks to the manifold.
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Ok did some searching but couldn`t find an answer, when under the hood of my 85 Winny it looks like someone cut part of the fiberglass housing that directs the air into the radiator.
When looking down from the top you can see through to the ground, there are some sides to it but looks to me like the air could go over and under the radiator going down the road. Can someone tell me if the housing should be more closed so it will force more air through the rad going down the road. A link to or a pic would be nice.
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In case someone else has these issues I made and installed a deflector on the bottom from a sheet of aluminum and it lowered the temp 10 degrees going down the road.
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i have a rubber deflector on the upper rad to the ceiling in the compartment

i also bypassed the fan temp switch sensor on the radiator so the fans run all the time during the summer months and now the 454 runs nice and cool i also removed the radiator to flush spray out the fins replace the water p[ump whle i was there this helped a whole lot to cool things down

i have a 89 fleetwood southwind chevy 454 32 ftr
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Yepper thanks, i`m going to see how she goes, i can change the water pump on the road if I have to.
Got a feeling this may be a learning experience :laugh: