Hunting a better setup.

I currently own a 36'Coachman Royal 5th wheel and would like to be able to take my toys along with me on the road {My Harleys} I have seen a couple of smaller cargo trailers that had a small camper set up in the front {much to small} I would like to find out if there is a manufacture of a larger 5th wheel trailer with a cargo area in the rear capable of hauling such toys. :question:
Hunting a better setup.

Super RV in Athens, Georgia had one sitting on the lot couple of weeks ago. Rear of the trailer lets down for a ramp. There is an extra bed in the cargo area that is raised when toys are aboard, but able to let down to useful height when empty. Nice rig, but the tile floor looked like it might be slick if it got wet. Had recessed tie-downs in floor.
Hunting a better setup.

Check out the Alpha Toyhouse. One was parked next to us and it was veeeery nice. It was the 38 footer, I believe.