Hurricane Electrical diagram

I have a 30' Hurricane MH and are experiencing a problem with the charging of the batteries. If anyone could email a copy me a copy of the 12 volt system, I would very much appreciate it. I am especially interested in the diagram from the alternator to the engine battery. Thanks very much for any help. Email address:
Hurricane Electrical diagram

Dillard Ball-I have a 1997 29D 30' Hurricane and I never seen a diagram with it,unless it is pasted somewhere in the coach.You might look around for it if there is one.I never got one with my manuals either.You might want to contact or try Fourwinds,and click on services.GL
Hurricane Electrical diagram

Dillard ball' after some thought ,that ares of the coach leads me to believe that you will want to go to your local Ford dealer for help on thase diagrams.Sorry for misleading you.GL
Hurricane Electrical diagram

I don't have electrical diagrams for the coach you mentioned, but I do have some experence ... Take a volt meter, put it on the engine batteries as in a 12 volt configuratrion ... take a reading .. if batteries are charged it will be at 12Volts .. if they are discharged, then it will read what ever .... start the engine, take the same reading again ... it should now read 13.5 volts, or there abouts .... if the voltage has not changed with the engine running, then you may have a bad alternator. If the voltage is at 13.5, and you still have a battery issue, then you could have bad batterys,bad diodes on the alternator, or someother drain on the batery when the engine is turned off ....

hope this might help ...
Hurricane Electrical diagram

Thanks guys, I appreciate your input. A friend of mine has given me a schematic of his system, and (if I can understand it) may help. Could simply be just that as you suggest, a case of batteries begining to fail due to age. Again, I thank you for your info.