Hurricane Frances

Please give me some advice. We purchased a 26 foot Springdale travel trailer on 9/1/4. I live in Central Florida. We can not determine how much wind our TT can withstand. We are expecting 35-50 mile an hour gusts (best scenario) with about 20-30 mile sustained winds for about 36 hours. Do you have any experience with this? Thanks for your help. d


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Hurricane Frances

Hi I don't have any advice for you, but I hope you came through the hurricane ok. I was stuck at the Jacksonville airport til Monday night!
I know Ivan is on your tail, be safe!
Hurricane Frances

I/we got stuck in Orlando after AC belt broke; (during Frances) had to leave RV in a Publix parking lot, and evac to a shelter, (we had evac'ed from Hudson)--The RV must have been left in "drive"--The wind pushed it across the parking lot about 100-150 feet..It's an '84 27 foot Allegro.. it was "end on" to the wind--That's a strong wind.. maybe give you an idea of it's power-