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I have a 2001 Hurricane with a Ford V 10. It is our first coach (entry level) 35 foot. We really like the coach and have gone across country 4 times plus numerous California outings with the kids. Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I might be able to "clean up" the ride? It is so rough on some roads it makes my teeth chatter. The dash board has loosened, i got back Monday, and now I have to look at that. The drivers side windshield came loose from the rubber gasket, for the second time. I added air springs in the rear for heavy loads. I was thinking Bilstein shocks all the way round may help with a stabilizer bar in front also. Any suggestions or help is sincerely appreciated. Thank You,
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If you want the best advice go talk to an off road specialist. In my area we have Randy's Off Road. They have the best equipment to make it ride better. They also do things like steering shocks and the like.
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Here's something you can try just to gather information. After you unpack a lot of the load, make a VERY SHORT trip around your neighborhood with much lower tire pressures than you would normally have. Does this significantly change the "teeth chatter" portion of the ride? If it does, then you may not have bad shocks.

If it doesn't change much, then your shocks may be "bottoming out". If you have bad shocks now, then ANY shocks will improve your ride. Bilsteins will just last longer than most, but you'll pay for that, too.

Don't forget to put your tires back to the recommended tire pressure.
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Check the tires. A friend had a Hurricane and it had General tires and rode very rough. He switched them to Mich. and said it made all the differance. He did however hav Billstiens also. Also I believe he only changed the front tires and still was very pleased.

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If you have 24000 miles its probably time for shocks anyway. Nearing time for new tires also because of age. The Goodyear ride pretty good. Monroe shocks work good on the ford chassic. I replace mine at 22000 with Monroe not for ride but the sway had got worse. Weigh the MH loaded and adjust tire pressure to each weight but I would put the same amount in front tires. Steer safe also helps handling problems. if all else fails get a pusher but the ones I have driven did not impress me that much over what we have now as far as ride. Remember it is a truck. Good luck :)


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I have the same chassis and the same size motorhome so I may be able to help. The first thing is to weigh the motorhome on a scale that will give you the weight for each wheel. By so doing, you can determine the pressure that you should have in each tire. All tires on the same axle should have the same air pressure so us an inflation chart for the tires you have and adjust the air pressure to match the highest weight wheel on each axle. At the same time, be sure that you do not have the motorhome over-loaded based upon the chassis manufacturer's ratings.

Another thing that will help with the stiff ride on your Ford chassis is to change the shocks on at least the front axle to Monroe. They are somewhat softer than Bilstiens or the factory ones. They are a quality shock, but just a little less stiff.

You may very well be over loaded, or you could also have too much weight on the rear and too little on the front axle. Either of those will cause the front to ride more stiffly. Once you know that the weight is not excessive and that it is properly distributed, then consider other possibilities.
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Thank you to all for the insight and suggestions. I priced out replacement tires today, i have 40 K at 5 years old and it is time, and am stuck between the same existing Goodyear G670 and some Michelins. The Michelins are a bit cheaper for about 2400 out the door. Remember, I do live in CA. Also, I was talked out of Bilsteins and the person at camping world suggested either a good Monroe shock AND/OR having my springs checked. He also said it would be about 3,000 for the replacement springs. Again, Thank You to all for the replies.

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DooOOOOOOOOOOO all you want if you are traveling in Louisiana your teeth will chatter as they will also on I-59 East of Birmingham for about 90 miles/


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Have you weighed the coach and adjusted tire pressure per the load tables? If so, then you may need some suspension help. Bilsteins can ride a little rough-- but they are a good shock--