Hurricane Motor Home 2000 speed odometer/cruise pr

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[Richard] I have been a way form this forum for a while, if this subject has been dicussed previously please forgive me. I&#039m running in a 30 ft. 2000 Hurricane Motor Home powered with the Ford V-10 gas engine. During our present road trip the speed odometer and cruise control would stop working. This happened twice on a trip of about 850 miles. On two seperate occasions in two days. While driving along the speed odometer and cruise control would stop operating, I would drive perhaps 100 or so miles stop, and when starting up again both systems would operate properly. Has any one out there experienced similar problems running the Ford V-10 in their motor home. I am now held up on the West coast of Florida for several months, will be contacting the local Ford dealers here to see if they have seen this problem in the past and what the cause might be. Also, will contact Ford Motor Home Customer Services for some answers. Would like to hear from any of you out there who may have had this problem and what the cause was and what it took to fix this situation. Thanks in advance for your input. Rich from Florida