Hybrid vs. ultralite trailer


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We are trading in our old pop-up for either a hybrid or ultralight. We can tow 6,900 pounds max. We've looked at the Rockwood Roo and the Ultralight with the slide-out beds. Any feedback? Are hybrids a pain to set up and take down? How about in the rain? Any Help would be appreciated.

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Hybrid vs. ultralite trailer

Hello there and welcome to the forum. We sell Gulf Stream trailers and they make the Amerilite, Streamlite and Gulf Breeze that I will say you need to look at. The Gulf Breeze has the slideout beds that you asked about while the others are hard shell designs. Gulf Stream trailers have many features that blow away the competition. Check it out... Go to www.gulfstreamrv.com. Between the 3 names I mentioned, there are probably 20 or so floorplans you can pull.
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Hybrid vs. ultralite trailer

Moving on up? Great to hear. Make sure to check out the Starcraft Hybrids and Ultra Lite Units. www.catheysrv.com will give you the information that you will need. You will be able to view several different units in that weight range. If you go with the Starcraft Travel star or the Antigua Hybrid then you will be getting a 7 year warranty on the Aqualon Tent. The number one durable tent fabric in the world today. The Aqualon is a two-ply textured polyester duck coated with a pigmented vinyl resin. Unlike laminated VINYLS, Aqualon won't SEPARATE, CRACK, or PEEL. Passes FMVSS 302 Fire retardant requirements. Water Repellent? YES In hydrostatic testing Aqualon had no leakage at 85cm of water. By contrast, Sunbrella 302 began leaking at 38cm of water. Last thing about Agualon is you will clean it Clorox Bleach Soap and water or all Commercial utility or vinyl cleaners. Vinyls and Sunbrella fabric you can not use these items.
Best of Luck in your adventure. If you ever have any questions please give me a toll free call or email.
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