Hydralic Jacks

Have a 2005 Four Winds Hurricane. Reciently the Jacks have been leaking down. Over a 24 hour period they will leak down till the springs start pulling them up to the retrack position. The frount jacks seem to leak down faster. There are no fliud leaks in the system that I can see and the tank is full of fluid. The system is made by HWH. Any ideas I would appreciate it. SMiddleton
Re: Hydralic Jacks

Sorry for taking so long to respond. They are auto with the joystick. Initially the frount jacks were leaking down now the frount and rear are leaking down. Talked to the manufacturer and they said possibly the valves that the joy stick is attached to are the problem. Hard to emagine they are giving problems and the unit is less than two years old. Thank, SM
Re: Hydralic Jacks

Joy sticks are manuel.The valve pretty much has to be the problem It is the only part that holds presuer to all the jacks. It is possible the seals are a little hard and letting fluid leak by. Try moving the release sticks a few times and see if that helps. Sometims a little lube from moving the sticks will help. Also they may start acting fine after you use them a little.
Good Luck