Hydraulic Jacks for storing


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I have a 2004 Bounder equiped with HWH Leveling system. I park the Motorhome in the back yard and level it using the jack system., on a concrete pad under a carport I built for the Motorhome. I have had two of the jacks springs break in the 4 years I've owned it. I'm thinking that maybe I shouldn't store it with the jacks extended or in the down position.
Should I store my Motorhome using the jack system or just park it in the yard. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Welcome to the forum, Jim! If you're concerned about having your tires carry the load while stored, then jack it up enough to take the load off (not the tires off the ground) and put jack-stands under it. Then let the leveling jacks retract. (This is a two person operation!)

There are four things good about doing it this way:
  1. You get the weight off the tires
  2. You get the pressure off your leveling system
  3. Your leveling jack piston rods are not exposed to the elements (retracted)
  4. Your steps are at normal level for getting inside (etc.)

I personally don't think MH tires sitting on the ground (concrete) will harm them. Of course, I'm from Texas! We don't store our all that much.


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RE: Hydraulic Jacks for storing

Thank you Texasclodhopper for your reply and the suggestions. I was able to get the jack retracked and install the new spring today. I think I've learned my lesson and not store the coach with the jacks lowered. I usually start up and run the coach every 4-6 weeks in the off season, so I'll pull it forward or backward and few feet each time to rotate the weight on the tires.

Thanks again for the help



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