Hydraulic Leveling System - How To ? From Newbie

I recently purchased a 1998 33' Georgie Boy Pursuit with a Big Foot leveling system. I have 2 questions: Owners manual says to check the reservoir level at each leveler (dip stick not included). Proper level should be 3/4" from top of reservoir.

1)Being that the reservoir is nearer to the top of the leveler, what is the best way to do this and/or what to use for a dipstick? There's not a lot of room above the reservoirs.

2)Owners manual says "limit pins" should be removed and cleaned with brake cleaner. There's no pictures/diagrams showing these. What are "limit pins" and where are they found?



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Re: Hydraulic Leveling System - How To ? From Newbie

I have a 1998 Cruise Master, also from Georgie Boy and also with Big Foot levelers which I believe to be one of the best systems around. We have been fulltime in ours for more than ten years and we love it.

The reservoir is not difficult to check, simply use a six inch steel ruler. If you add about 1/2 inch for the space where the plug screws in, that means that the fluid should be 1 1/2 inch below the top lip. Do not over fill because if you do the excess will be forced out through the plastic plugs on the top of the reservoir.

I think that you misread the part about limit pins. They are the pins that are on each jack which indicate when the jack is retracted. The pin touches the footpad and that pushes it up into the housing to indicate the foot has fully retracted and stops the hydraulic pump. What they want you to do is to spray the pins with brake cleaner while the jacks are extended and move the pins in and out to make sure that they move freely. You can also lubricate them with silicone spray.(this also comes from the owner's manual)
QUOTE: Six months
You should extend levelers and spray rams (chrome shaft) with a 100% silicone lubricant. We
strongly discourage the use of Wd40, this attracts dust and dirt.
We also encourage you to check your foot pads to make sure they are tight when in the retracted
position. When retracted they should not move (they spin this is normal)
You should also check the limit switch pins on all four cylinders to make sure they are moving up
and down freely, the silicone spray can also be used on the pins to help prevent road grime from
building up on them.
Re: Hydraulic Leveling System - How To ? From Newbie

Thanks Again Kirk!

I saw the quote but just wasn't sure where to find the pins. I know exactly what you're talking about now. I was looking for the plugs on the very top of the protective cover but I found them now.

Re: Hydraulic Leveling System - How To ? From Newbie

Hi Kirk,

I enjoyed spraying the rams with silicone this weekend during a nice trip to a local state park here in NC as well as cleaning the limit pins. Thanks again for the input!

Now, unfortunately, it looks like I'll be buying a new generator! Wasn't expecting that this soon into the game! You might be so inclined to check out my latest post in the "General RVing" forum appropriately entitled "Generator Woes - Where to Buy?"