I-81 I-95 rest areas

We will be traveling from northern NY to central Fla in our class A next winter. Are overnight stays permitted in the rest areas? If not can someone recommend inexpensive camping close to these roads.

DL Rupper

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Re: I-81 I-95 rest areas

Hey Dan, join Passport America and get 50% off on your camping. They will even give you a Campground Directory. Just Google Passport America and they will tell you where to send your money ($50). Better yet, if you shop at Wal-Mart, they will let you camp overnight free in their parking lot. It might be a little noisy what with all the smart in the know non-union shoppers that go there for low priced goods. Also it may be a little bright out with all the overhead lights on. Most rest areas in most states will not allow overnight camping. It could be a little dangerous to boot. Your best bet is to bite the bullet and use the commercial campgrounds along the I-81 and I-95 corridors. Get a TrailerLife Campground Directory at your local RV store and look up the prices and locations of the campgrounds along your route. I don't know of any inexpensive camping, most all campgrounds are getting a little pricey now days. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

C Nash

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Re: I-81 I-95 rest areas

Flying Js will also offer overnight stays free. You can also pick up a flying j locater at one of their stores. Most are easy in and out but can be crowded. Fuel prices are generally as cheap or cheaper. Stay in the area for campers. Purchase The Next Exit book.


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Re: I-81 I-95 rest areas

Well, I've never stayed at one, but I buy gas there whenever practical. They have a 'RV' specific fueling island, with water, air (usually doesn't work, of course), long handled windshield cleaners and dump station. But the best part is the diesel pumps have the small nozzels, not the big ones for trucks which don't work well in my coach.

The stores are nice too, with a good selection of stuff, prices not too bad and occasionally good, and a decent resturant with buffet.

They have a discount club for a few cents a gallon off of fuel/propane, and claim to have the best fuel price in any area they are in. I have only found one case so far where this was not true (sort of). This was in a different town, so a good lawyer could make the claim it was not 'in the same area'.