I can&#039t believe LazyDays in Tampa, FL

[Dick Cain] Had these guys treated me badly, you would know it! So, I said that to say this: These guys really mean it when they say "You are important to us!" I recently purchased a 27.5&#039 Allegro Bay C Class from these guys and they practically built a new one for me before it was delivered. They never questioned anything if I said it was "wrong." They never hesitated to go the extra mile and make sure I was a happy camper! I did not know there were business people left today who subscribe to this philosophy. If I ever buy another m/h, I can guarantee you there is only one place I will even bother to look: LazyDays in Tampa! (Where the "Kustomer" is King!)
I can&#039t believe LazyDays in Tampa, FL

[mark callanan] I also bought from lazy days last fall
Over all everything was ok but some things were hard to get them to do
But if i waas to buy anouther i would make lazy days on place i would look