I need help


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I need help

Is that 4100# dry weight or maximum trailer weight (GVWR)? If it is the GVWR, then it may be possible to tow it, since 4100 is enough less than 7100 that even if the 7100 is 'over-enthusiastic', it should still be within the weight capabilities of most 1/2 ton pickups. If that is dry (unloaded) weight, than it is much less likely, since you are going to want to have accessories, personal stuff, food, water, sewage, etc which can easily add lots of weight to the trailer. And 10 to 20% of the trailer weight is applied to the truck as pin weight, which can cause the GVWR of the truck or rear axel to be exceeded.

Is it a shortbed or longbed? Short beds can have trouble with 5th wheels, although that can be reduced by getting a sliding hitch and/or extended pin box on the trailer.

Is it a narrow bed or standard width bed? If you have an extended pin box, it can sometimes run into the side rail way before any other truck to trailer contact occurs.

Is the truck lifted any? Trailers are usually set up for stock height vehicles, although it is sometimes possible to raise them a bit via a process called 'flipping the axles'...
I need help

Hi John
I have a 2001 tundra and I tow a 29' prowler lynx mine is a travel trailer it weighs about 5500 lbs ready to go and I dont have any problems. the setup your talking about should work just fine. I have seen several tundras pulling that kind of 5th wheel


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I need help

Hi John and Flyboy,
I'm interested in this topic because we are looking at buying a 5th wheel and a truck. Personally, I want a Tundra, but I know that will seriously limit the 5th wheel.
We don't want a truck that is mainly a 'tow-vehicle' because it will be our 'back-up' vehicle, too. I like the Tundra for an all-around good vehicle, but I realize it's not going to tow a lot of 5th wheels. We're not looking to buy a large trailer, prob. 24' - 26', but I've been looking a little, especially at the 'lite' ones and the GVW are pushing the limits of the Tundra.
I'd appreciate any suggestions on lower weight 5th wheels and trucks.
I need help

The lightest 5th wheel we found was 6000 pounds. We bit the bullet and sold the Tundra. Bought a F250 Diesel. Sure miss the smooth ride of that Tundra, but we bought a 28 foot,2005 Cougar. Weighs 6100 pounds empty. Dont think the Tundra could of handled it. You could make it work with a 24 foot travel trailer.

...Happy camping


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I need help

Hi John,
Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear you sold the Tundra!
What brand/model was the 6k 5th you found? I think we only need a 24 - 25' 5th and we don't really want to go with a travel trailer.
Appreciate your help.