Ideas for hauling a kayak on top

Would like to take the kayak and have seen them on top. Just bought the 89 Pace Arrow 34 with a ladder on the back. It's an old town kayak and is easy to lift up on top but how would you tie down the boat? Ideas that would not hurt the roof or take a hundred feet of line are appreciated. :)
RE: Ideas for hauling a kayak on top

I'm not sure how to tie it to the roof but have you though about sitting it on the bumper and tie it to the ladder. It may be too tall, I'm not sure. Keep in mind I have never tie a kayak to anything, this is just a suggestion.
Re: Ideas for hauling a kayak on top

:eek: The Old Town kayak is 13' 5". What is the "legal height" for highways? Thought of putting it inside. Walmart has one for $50 with a paddle but I like my Old Town. Now also my daughter would like to be able to bring her kayak and granddaughter too. Have seen motorhomes with kayaks on top which gives me hope that someone has done it and can help. Saw also tow vehicle with kayak which could be future but for now hoping for a simple fix for this summer. Thanks


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Re: Ideas for hauling a kayak on top

13' 6" is the legal (and practical) limit on the highways. so 13' 5" would not work vertically, unless the bottom was 1" off the ground - so good odds that you'll lose the tip. Also, I wonder what the effect of headwind on it would be.

If you have some kind of ridge around the top which is fairly sturdy, you could use hooks and cable or straps from side to side.