If it ain&#039t broke!


I have done extensive application software design and can appreciate the effort you and your team have invested in the new BBS.

However, I feel that you broke a cardinal rule that applies to design and maintenance. That is: If it ain&#039t broke, don&#039t fix it. It seems to me that you broke many good things that the old BBS had in an attempt to correct some if its minor imperfections.

While some modification of the BBS may have been warranted, full redesign may not have been the most wise choice.

I line up with those who preferred the old format.

If it ain&#039t broke!

[Mike Dial] Why is the new format working faster than the old format on my 2 year old notebook? I must say, I like being able to view the list of posts on the screen after reading a response without clicking "Back".
If it ain&#039t broke!

[Greg P] As the President of NetSource Technologies, the parent company of RVUSA, I feel I need to address some of the issues being raised about this board. First, the old board was very broken. You may have found the RVUSA site down at certain times over the past several months. The server that hosted the web site and the discussion board crashed between 2-6 times per week prior to the our purchase of the web site. I know this because their server was co-located in our facility and we were often asked to reboot the system for them. Since our purchase of RVUSA.com, we moved the site to a much faster system and replaced the message boards, and the site has not crashed in ten weeks. Our development team has deployed this board in other applications and had good results. Some of the code is licensed, and we are working with the developer to find out why some people are having response issues. We are working on the situation. We appreciate everyones comments and the response to the site. We will continue to work hard to improve and add features to the site. If you would like to e-mail me personally with any comments, my address is gpetry@rvusa.com

-Greg Petry
NetSource Technologies
If it ain&#039t broke!

[Larry] Greg,

I assure you that I have no opinion on the necessity of change to improve reliability. My comments were aimed at the FORMAT of the BBS. I assumed that issues with reliability could have been addressed without changing the look and feel of the BBS.

My main complaint is that successive message links are not displayed when a message is being read. The previous board carried further links along with the message. It was possible when one had read a message to find subsequent message links without action further than clicking the link at the bottom of the message.

On my two browsers, if I am perusing a thread that is several pages down the list I must scroll through tens (hundreds possibly) of posting to find the next message in the thread that I am interested in reading. An other alternative is to click the back button on my browser. This seems more convenient because it returns me to the main listing scrolled to the point where I selected the last message to read.

Either of these alternatives seems more cumbersome than the previous board.

If it ain&#039t broke!

[Greg P] Larry -
Thanks for your input. Some of the problems for us is that when you change the back end completely, the front end sometimes doesn&#039t work the same way as it used to. I understand what you are saying and we are working on a solution that will allow you to click on a subject and the resulting page will show just that subject and the related responses. We hope to have this up for a test by Monday. Let us know what you think.

If it ain&#039t broke!

[Webmaster] In response to trying to make this the best RV forum on the net, we have set up a test variation of this forum. You may access it at http://www.rvusa.com/forum/main/default_test.asp.

Although currently in the test variation, we can not have all threads expanded with these new features. Try it out and let us know how you like it. Any post you make there will be shown on this forum as well.

-Webmaster, RVUSA
If it ain&#039t broke!

[Tara] Checked out the test site. I like to be able to see how many responses there are to a post. If I can&#039t see any, I assume there are none. Also, a search feature would be nice.
If it ain&#039t broke!

[Webmaster] Tara,
We hope that you like the new forum and its features. A search feature is something we are currently working on and hope will be able to offer it to you very soon. Let us work out the kinks in the overall forum setup and then we will add additional features for your use.

Thank you for your time!
- Webmaster, RVUSA