Ignition Problems of Older Motor Homes

My wife and I purchased and older motor home with a Dodge 440 cu, inch engine. There were several old ignition modules and coils in the storage compartments. :clown: Our second trip out we found out why. It would run for a while then just die and a little while later run like nothing was wrong. :blackeye: On the thrid trip I was struck by the notion, Why so many old ingition modules? :laugh: I eleminated the problem by installing a point triggered distributor. This solution will work on most vehicles that are not totally tied to an on board computer. Some times newer things are not always the best.
Ignition Problems of Older Motor Homes


I have no doubt that a well adjusted points ignition will work better than a defective electronic ignition. However...There is always a however in life...your solution is probably not the best solution.

I am a Mopar man and have had a Chrysler product for 35 years. Experience shows me that the electronic ignition systems are FAR more reliable than the points system. If you install new stuff such as the conversion unit shown HERE. If you couple that with a high performance coil such as THIS ONE you will have an easier starting engine, that makes more power, is more economical and needs less maintenance. Because the dwell and timing do not change as the points wear, tuneups are reduced to plugs and maybe new wires. :laugh:

Ignition Problems of Older Motor Homes

:laugh: When you have an ignition system as old as the one I have and gosh knows who all has jurry rigged the system you have to do something that you can work on in the woods when something breaks