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On my class A Bounder: When I turn the ignition key to aux, left instead of ignition, what batteries are in use? Logically you would think the two aux batteries and not the ignition battery. Is that correct?
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Ignition Question Bounder

If I am not mistaken, it is the same as on any vehicle.....when you go to aux, your going to the main battery, not the coach aux batteries. They are used for the 12 volt stuff inside the motorhome, turning on the hot water tank, furnace, stove light/clock, etc. I have a Chieftain and that is the way it is on it.
If you find out different, I'd like to know.
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Ignition Question Bounder

Hi Norman, Archer is right when you switch the ignition awitch to aux your still on the chassis battery, the house batteries are switched on & off with the coach battery disconnect switch, generally located in the coach, at a switch panel. Normally the chassis battery powers the radio (some MH's have a travel park switch on the radio) the cigar lighter, exterior lights ( not the porch light or compartment lights though) and the retractable entry steps. :) :cool: :bleh: :laugh: :approve: