ignition question

We have a 99 Gulfstream Sunvoyager with a Ford Triton V10. When I put the key in the ignition and turn to start, I get nothing, like a dead battery. When I turn to where the lights come on, gages move, etc. and let it sit there for a second, it will start when turned to start. Any thoughts?
Tom and Deb
8 months full timing
ignition question

Sounds like a computer keeping the starter circuit open. Are there any security devices on it? Did it just start doing it? You might try disconnecting the battery for a minute or two and reconnecting it. If there is some little glitch in the computer that might fix it. Not a scientific answer but sometimes it works on odd little problems like this.
ignition question

Could be a lot of things. I`d try checking the neutral safty switch.
Transmission in neutral before engine start. It will probably take a
logical organized trouble shooting to get to the problem.
Good Luck!
ignition question

It is a very common problem with Ford starters. At the starter there is a small wire that has a spade terminal instead of bolting on. The heat causes it to expand and come lose. The plastic cover may even crack. You can try and pull it off and squeeze it to make it tighter or Ford has a replacement wire but they charge alot more than it is worth. You can also make your own with the right terminal and wire.
Good Luck