Im having an issue with my trailer plumbing. G


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Got to the campground today and hooked the trailer to city water. Went in to check. The kitchen sink sputtered and stopped working, toilet wouldn’t work only the shower is working. I can’t figure out what’s wrong


To do this, you need a plumber and I understand what I'm talking about because I also recently had such a problem. Most likely you need a plumber for a new basement waterproof. I can advise you Etobicoke Plumbing Services where you will find just a huge the number of excellent services, but you need exactly the one that I described earlier. I advised you these people later that they are real professionals who can handle absolutely any problem and I have seen this from my own experience and now I can confidently advise them to everyone such filigree and quality in combination with the speed of project implementation you will not see anywhere