I'm planning to visit the Supershow for RVs......

Hello everyone!!!!!!
I'm planning to visit the RV show in Tampa.I have a Nash 2004 and if I see something
worth while I may trade in.I'll be looking for something in the 22'to 25' and I'd like to have some input to
evaluate units in this class.Are there any web sites that offer rv recommendation?I was very lucky with my
Northwood Nash and I'll be looking for the same in other units.......
Where can I learn about opinions of RV owners(good and bad?),your input will be much appreciated,parigi. ;)


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RE: I'm planning to visit the Supershow for RVs......

Plan to be there Saturday myself. I assume you live in the area?

The only one I can recommend from experience is the Ameri-Lite (Gulf Stream) and a Jayco. I had the 24' Ameri-Lite and truly enjoyed it. Now have a Jayco 5er and it has been a good one. Both in build and warranty coverage.

One of the members highly recommend the Heartland and Sunnybrook line.

Good luck on your search.